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Here at St. Ethelbert’s Catholic Primary School we aspire to promote Physical Education and Activity throughout the school year to inspire children to lead healthy and active lifestyles. We are proud to have inclusive and engaging activities, involving competitive sports that provide a wide range of opportunities for our pupils both in and out of school hours. Our close links with Thanet Passport help to provide pupils with an extensive range of competitions that help to build on their skills and confidence throughout the school year.

These are our House Teams that help to provide collaboration, team building and competition:

P.E. Funding 2017 – 2018

The school has just used the full amount of its PE Fund for the whole of this academic year  to turn our play area grass to synthetic sports turf at a cost of over £12,000. This will benefit the whole school as all the children will be able to use the site in inclement weather as well as in sunny and dry weather.

This will benefit the pupils’ well-being, level of fitness as well as making the environment smoother, cleaner and more appealing.

Thanet Passport Annual Report 2015-16
Thanet Passport Calendar of Events 2016-2017
Thanet Passport code of conduct for Sport
After School clubs Attendance Statistics – Term 5-6

P.E. Funding 2016 – 2017

The school received £8889.00 in funding this academic year.

£5693.24 was rolled over from last year.

£2225.39 on Sport Coach extra expenses to involve children in more inter schools competitions and tournaments. This has led to more pupils taking part in visiting other schools and participating in new activities. This has increased well-being and involvement. There has been a significant increase in the pupils winning trophies, medals  and cups in the last academic year. Our coach is very popular with all seven classes and this increases his pupil perceptive of a keen and positive sporting ambassador for the school pupils and parents.

£187.89 on target goals to improve the pupils’ experience at playtimes and lunchtimes.

£450 as part of The Thanet Sports Partnership that organises and promotes all the sporting events in Thanet.

As of 26th April the school is holding £11,708.96 towards improving the play area with synthetic all-weather ground.

The school is presently saving the money to pay for the play area to be synthetic turfed for all weather play – this will benefit all 240 pupils with more activity and cleaner, safer activity in inclement weather.

The new play area will have sustainability for at least the next ten years – allowing more pupils to participate and engage even in wet and inclement weather.

P.E. Funding 2015 – 2016

The budget of £5186 for the Year 2015-2016 was spent on the following:- Thanet Superpassport (£2000) to access inner school sports and teacher training – this means better quality teaching of PE and more opportunities and support in PE, not just for juniors, but also infants. The school achieved Bronze Sports Kite Mark 2014  and is now working on achieving Silver Award- this will lead to a more complete and exciting curriculum.

Training for the school’s new PE Leader Vicky Rolfe, and the new PE National Curriculum (£900) to be fully in place – this will help the senior management and governors to introduce an exciting curriculum to take the school into the next 10 years! Sport coach funding (£1212)to attend more and different inter-school sports competitions and events – this is already helping more children to attend more out of hours sports and to be competitive in new and different sports.

This will also enable these pupils to support the school at playtimes and break times by leading activities and being responsible for equipment. The fund also supports ‘The Outdoor Classroom’ play resources – the new playtime resources are already impacting on new fun games and busier and healthier children. New sports kits – this has helped the self-esteem of all pupils who represent the school in teams – both ‘Home’ and ‘Away’ (£300).

The Governors also want to improve the Sports Day experience for pupils and their families – archery has been booked for one of the ’round robin’ events for the juniors – (approx. £500) – last year we had stickers on the end of the arrows, this year we will be using safe points to enhance the experience. Years 6, 4 and 5 have already had their first practice in March 2016. In last year’s funding a new Sports scheme was purchased for Foundation Stage through to Year 6 to promote the challenge and to increase the skills excellence of pupils. This is called Create Real PE.

The Funding so far has made a real difference to the school pupils – better trained staff, more and different activities for playtimes and lunchtimes, whole classes going swimming together, better kits enhancing pride and self-esteem in the team, more resources for more active play, challenge to gifted and talented pupils to do better, better sharing of pupil skills and interests, pupils spending well above two hours a week being active and living a healthy lifestyle, clubs to support children who not keen on sports, social skills developing for more vulnerable pupils.

Quotes from pupils at St Ethelbert’s Catholic Primary School 2017

‘I liked our Sports Games Day because it was fun and all the activities were really exciting’ – Year 6 Pupil
‘I liked our School Games Day because we all joined together as a school’ – Year 6 Pupil
‘I liked our Sports Games Day because I liked to wear the medals’ – Year 2 Pupil
‘I liked our School Games Day because the games were fun but also challenging’ – Year 6 Pupil
‘I liked our Sports Games Day because we were moving around doing different activities’ – Year 2 Pupil
‘I liked our School Games Day because Year 6 helped out with the Infants’ – Year 6 Pupil
‘I liked our Sports Games Day because the whole school took part’ – Year 4 Pupil
‘I liked our School Games Day because it was very fun and competitive’ – Year 6 Pupil
‘I liked our School Games Day because we worked as a team, but when we lost we were supportive’ – Year 4 pupil
‘I liked our School Games Day because everyone was cheering for their team and I liked how they had it fun’ – Year 6 Pupil
‘I liked our School Games Day because we celebrated our different teams’ – Year 6 Pupil
‘I liked our School Games Day because we did lots of activities and had to work in teams to win the cup also the activities were challenging and build up your strength in sport’ – Year 4 pupil
‘I liked our School Games Day because the sports activities were fun and challenging. It was also competitive’ – Year 6 Pupil

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