4 Apr

The Children reenact the Last Supper.

 Father Marcus giving a whole school Assembly,


Picnic & Praise in the Priory

Year 5 on the Rosary walk at Aylesford

Celebrating at Aylesford Priory

Diocesan Mercy Candle Liturgy

St Ethelbert’s Catholic Primary Schools Children

St Ethelbert’s, St Gregory’s and St Joseph’s Primary Schools Children

Joined together St Ethelbert’s received the Mercy Candle from Ursuline College at a liturgy service held in the school chapel.

They were joined by St Gregory’s and St Joseph’s.

In term two of the next academic year St Ethelbert’s will invite the other Catholic Primary and the Ursuline to join them in a liturgy service to hand the candle other to St Gregory’s.

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