5 Feb

In our community we are fortunate to have lots of different faith communities who have a belief in God. As Catholics we have a great deal more in common with people of other faiths then those who have no faith! We also have much to learn from the way other faiths live their lives; it is our duty to respect our brothers and sisters of faith and one way is to learn about their faith and practices.

Our Diocesan guidance is that we should spend a week a year studying Judaism, as Christianity grew from the Jewish faith, and a second week studying another faith. We choose to study Islam as many members of our local community are Muslims. Studying other faiths is not an option, its part of our Catholic duty.

Multi-faith calendar of festivals.

The BBC multi faith calendar; very instructive!

The Sikh Faith.

An introduction to Sikhism, this is a well organised site which is well worth a look!.

The Islamic Faith.

A very helpful website with a good question and answer section to introduce people to Islam and its teachings.

The Hindu Faith.

A useful introductory website for those wishing to research aspects of Hinduism.

The Jewish Faith.

It was very hard to find an introductory website for Judaism. This site was written by primary aged children but is very informative.

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