16 Oct


Count Using Money

Test your counting skills by counting the money and clicking the answer.

Check-out Challenge

Check the mental maths skills by working out the change you need in the shop.

Gingerbread Man Game

Counting games where you can learn your numbers to 10. Works really well in full screen view.


Alien Addition

A quick fire space invader addition game. It is quite a challenge but it will help you learn your number bonds to 20. Great for improving your mental maths skills too!

Ladybird Spots

Three different counting, matching and ordering maths games based on the numbers 1 to 10 for early years children. Tablet friendly.

Fish Bowl Subtraction

Use your subtraction skills to play this bowling game. You may use a pencil and paper to help you solve the problems.

Underwater Counting

Can you find the treasure? You need to count the underwater creatures. This game has two levels: Count to 5 and Count to 10.

4x Table Shooting Game

Do you know your 4 x table? See how fast you can pop the bubbles underwater.

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