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St Ethelbert’s Catholic Primary School Collaboration


Thanet Catholic Schools

The school works very closely with the Thanet Catholic schools:

St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Broadstairs,

St. Gregory’s Catholic Primary School, Margate

The Ursuline College, Westgate – our main Catholic secondary school.

Together we monitor teaching and learning, we moderate work at emerging, expected and greater depth, support staff with opportunities for working together and creating a network of links. We have shared training days focused on well-being, Catholic Religious Education and the curriculum. Students from Universities, Colleges and other outside agencies are shared and offered training opportunities in more than one school.


Kent Catholic School Partnership (KCSP)

The school is an associative member of KCSP from the very inception when we have found that due to land ownership issues that we cannot currently become part of KCSP. We are part of a local learning group, consisting of five local Catholic schools, where we share work on assessment, data recording and management and leadership issues. We have had one whole school training day together and have shared the opportunities for improvement and improving the outcomes for all the children in our schools. The Headteacher is an associative member of the KCSP Achievement Board Meetings held at Teston, the KCSP Head Office.



Since 2016 St. Ethelbert’s Catholic Primary School has been asked to join the successful and effective collaboration of local Ramsgate schools as an all-through primary school.

This means that we have chosen to work closely in partnership with 4 other local schools.

Ellington Infants

Christ Church Juniors

St Laurence Juniors

Priory Infants

Although this is an “informal” collaboration (we are not officially linked) the schools have an agreed term of reference which clearly outlines the parameters of the partnership and accepted ways of working.


Working in partnership with colleagues in local schools means that St. Ethelbert’s Catholic Primary School can benefit from sharing best practice and gathering new ideas from other schools’ strengths. We also support other schools by sharing our strengths and areas of expertise. By supporting and challenging each other we ensure that each school maintains the highest standards in teaching and learning which benefits all the children across the local area.


Headteachers meet termly to agree on priorities and monitor the impact of RAP actions. Deputy Heads, SENCos, FLOs, and subject leaders also meet regularly to work together, share ideas, moderate work and assessments and raise standards through acting as critical friends to each other.


In the past academic year we have:

  • Undertaken Headteacher Learning Walks at each school (the focus of each learning walk was chosen by the school, to help monitor and assess how a specific improvement area was developing).
  • Held termly meetings for subject leaders to meet and discuss developments in their subject area, moderate work and undertake joint work scrutiny.
  • Shared school improvement plans and assessment data to highlight common priorities and worked these into the RAP action plan.
  • Arranged a bespoke Governor training session entitled, “The Secrets of Successful Governance.”
  • Some schools have held joint INSET training days.
  • Governors from the schools have attended 2 informal “meet and share” sessions.
  • Deputy Heads have jointly run a boys’ writing project.
  • Shared information about raising standards at KS2 via Pixel.


In the coming academic year we are planning to:

  • Continue with the above.
  • Engage in an Early Years Transformation project.
  • Undertake School Improvement style visits to each school to monitor the impact of school development plans.
  • Visit outstanding schools with similar profiles to gather best practice ideas for raising the attainment of disadvantaged pupils.
  • Establish a working group for Business Managers to explore potential cost-savings by bulk purchasing or joint contracts.
  • Share best practice with regard for pupils achieving greater depth. (Could link this or any of these to SIP/OFSTED)


September 2017

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