8 Oct

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club Hours
Monday to Friday 8am to 8:45am
£7 a week for regular users
Run by Mrs Elaine Gregory and Mrs Sue Dexter

After School Clubs
Monday: Football (3.15 – 4.15), Library Club, KS1 Art Club
Tuesday: Year 2 Multi-Skills, Nessie Club, Library Club, Infant Art & Craft (3.15 – 4.15)
and Junior Choir (3.15 – 4.15)
Wednesday: Multi-Skills, Chess Club (3.15 – 4.15)Library Club and Dr Who Club (12 – 12:55)
Thursday: Running Club and Homework Club (3.15 – 4.15)
Friday: Rugby (3.15 – 4.15)
Please check the whiteboard outside the school office for any cancellations.

Kent Children’s University
St. Ethelbert’s is a member of Kent Children’s University and all children have access to the PASSPORT TO LEARNING. At each after school club the children can obtain a stamp to fill in their passport. when they get 30 credits they send the passport off to Kent County Council for a certificate. Pupils move from Bronze to Silver and finally to Gold!

Some of the school’s after school clubs are Chess Club, Guitar Club, Dance Dynamic Club, Friday Dance School, Junior Choir, Infant Art Club for Year 2, Netball Club, Infant Multi-Skills Club, Junior Football Club, Junior Netball Club, Nessie Spelling Club, Computer Club at Lunchtimes, Homework Club, Year 6 Booster for SATs Club, Junior Multi-Skills Club, Athletics Club in the summer, SKIP2BFit club after school and at lunchtimes, lunchtime cricket, private keyboard, violin and music lessons.

The private Dance Dynamic Club where all pupils can learn ‘Streetdance’.

There is a free after school netball club open to all the junior pupils. It runs from 3:15pm, straight after school, to 4:15pm. It is fun! It is healthy! AND you learn new skills with all your friends. Give it a try.

Why not try after school football club. 3:15 to 4:15pm. open to girls and boys. Both teams have won trophies last term.Keep fit, get your heart beating fast and learn how to tackle, dribble a ball and SCORE a GOAL!

What about cooking ever wanted to know how your favourite foods are made and how you can make them yourselves if so then come to the Staffroom on Thursday from 3:15 till 4:15 where Julie Donnelly-Gore will be teaching you how to create all sorts of foods.

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