19 Jan

The Governors of the school expect all children:-

  • To wear school uniform.
  • To have School sportswear and appropriate footwear.
  • Hair should not be dyed, in an unusual style or have shaved patterns or hair extensions.
  • No earrings are allowed.
  • No jewellery should be worn around the neck, ankles or wrists and no body piercings are allowed.
  • Fingernails should be clean and unpainted.
  • Fake tattoos are not allowed.

The school colour is Navy Blue

A good quality navy blue sweatshirt with the school badge printed on it can be purchased through the School wear shop in town and also Tesco online school uniform. Most parents find this a smart practical garment which can be worn most of the year in conjunction with grey trousers for boys and navy-blue skirts or trousers for the girls and plain white shirt or blouse with collar or plain white polo shirt with collar (with school badge optional). In summer weather open-necked, short-sleeved white shirts with collar for boys and red and white check dresses for girls are traditional. Sun hats printed with the school badge can be purchased.

P.E.:  Plimsolls, white ‘T’ shirts and navy blue shorts are required for P.E. and Games. From, Year 3 onwards children may need football boots, socks, shorts and shirts. Drawstring bags for P.E./Games clothing, please. Children may need navy joggers and black trainers for outdoor games in winter weather. Please supply slip-on plimsolls for young children until they have learnt to tie laces.

No jeans, cords or fashion shoes. Shoes should be flat heeled. High-heeled, peep-toed or platform fashion shoes are unsuitable and dangerous, preventing children from playing properly in the playground. All shoes must be black and trainers can only be worn for outside games.

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