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Special Educational Needs at St. Ethelbert's


All children are valued, respected and welcomed to the school whatever their special educational need. We will support their learning and ensure they are fully included in all school activities, making full use of externally provided facilities where appropriate. If you are concerned about your child in any way, feel that they need some additional help with their learning, or just have a general query please feel free to stop by and see me. I am in school Monday - Thursday and you can just grab me or speak to the office to make an appointment. Rebecca Borrough (SENCo)

An Introduction to Special Educational Needs and Disabilities at St. Ethelbert's (SEND)

St. Ethelbert's is an all-inclusive school that promotes the well-being and achievements of all pupils, including those with SEND.  A new Special Educational Needs Code of Practice was issued in September 2014; giving SEN the biggest update in 30 years.  This document outlines in great detail the requirements of schools in supporting all children, regardless of their need.  It also specifies what should be in place for children with special educational needs within our school family.

All of our special needs school documentation has been re-written and updated to reflect these changes.  We have taken great care to ensure that the information given is as accurate as possible by consulting with governors, parents and school staff. You can read our new SEN Policy here.  For a detailed look at SEN provision within the school you can read our separate SEN information Report here.

The Success of our Special Educational Needs Policy
Classes can vary between 0% SEN and nearly 25%. The effectiveness and success in the implementation of the special educational needs policy can be seen in the provision available in all classes and the impact that this has on children with additional needs.

This school is in the highest 20% of all schools in England for the number of SEN pupils.


What is the Local Offer?

The term 'local offer' was coined by the Government to describe specific information that should be provided by local authorities outling service that are available to families regarding SEND.  Kent's Local offer is all about making it easier for people to find out about services available to 0-25 year olds with special educational needs and disabilities in your local area. You can find out about:

  • arrangements for identifying and assessing children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities
  • how to access services and how decisions are made
  • services to support young people prepare for adulthood and independence
  • arrangements for resolving disagreements, complaints, mediation and appealing to the SEN Tribunal
  • sources of support, advice and information


Reduce pupils' perception of bullying from 18% to 8%
Increase attendance in the free after school clubs by 10%
Increase parents attendance at school council by 25%

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