19 Feb

“I serve Jesus with my body, heart, mind and soul.”

Serviam means ‘I serve’.

Jesus Christ has taught us, ‘it is more blessed to serve than to be served’.

At St Ethelbert’s school, following our Catholic faith, we serve the whole person – mind, heart, body and soul.

Body – because we care for our wellbeing, our parish neighbourhood and our environment.

Heart – because we teach love and respect for all.

Mind – because we believe in excellent education.

Soul – because we learn to pray and become closer to God as his children.

In the light of this Christian vision of faith and the message of the Gospels taught by the Catholic Church, St. Ethelbert’s School aims are:

The school is a Faith Community based on Gospel values where all people are seen in God’s image and loved by God.

The school encourages all pupils and staff to be helped to develop as whole people in body, mind and spirit, nurturing talents to reach their full potential.

That everyone is valued and respected as a unique, special and gifted individual.

That we try to treat each other as we would like others to treat us.

That we aim to be a happy school, an inclusive school, with everyone working as a team – Staff, Children and Parents.

That we endeavour to be an influence for good in the wider community.




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