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The St. Ethelbert’s Catholic Primary School Governing Body all meet together at least six times a year (known as a Full Governing Body Meeting). Meetings are normally held in the St. Gertrude’s Conference Room at the school.

Governors are not paid at all and give up enormous amounts of their free time to help the school. They visit the school and develop the school ethos and values to give the very best possible educational experience to all the children that go through the doors from Nursery to Year 6. The Catholic Church provides the majority of Governors, called Foundation Governors, to run the school on behalf of the Bishop. There are then other Stakeholder Governors who are elected by the teachers, school staff, parents and Kent County Council.

If you wish to communicate with any of the above School Governors over any matters, please do not hesitate to let the school office know and they will arrange a suitable time for the Governor to meet you and/or make contact with you.

Full Governing Body

Mrs C Turner – Foundation Governor – Chair

Fr S Heans – Foundation Governor

Mrs M Francis – Foundation Governor

Mr S Kelly – Foundation Governor – Joint Vice Chair

Miss A Taylor – Staff Governor

Mr P Wilson – Parent Governor

Mrs S. Beaumont – Parent Governor -Joint Vice Chair

Mrs K Lockwood – Deputy Headteacher – Associate Governor

KCC CLERK – Mrs K Metcalfe


Each of the Governors of St Ethelbert’s Catholic Primary is allocated a class to take on the role of Class Governor.

This Governor will visit the class and the staff members about 3 times a year and will try to attend special class events.

The Governor will move up with their class each year and follow them throughout the school.

Class allocations for 2018/19

Nursery – Mr S. Kelly

Reception – Mrs M. Francis

Year 1 – Mrs S. Beaumont

Year 2 – Mrs M. Francis

Year 3 – Mrs S. Beaumont

Year 4 – Mrs C. Turner

Year 5 – Mr P. Wilson

Year 6 – Fr S Heans

Throughout the year, the Governors visit the school to monitor progress in various areas of the school.

The Governors work in pairs to make these visits, normally working in an area they have a specialist knowledge in or a keen interest in.

Appointment of Designated Governors for 2018/2019

Pupil wellbeing, RE and Community – Father Heans

SEN/AEN – Mr S Kelly and Mrs S Beaumont

Looked after children – Mr S Kelly and Mrs S Beaumont

Training and Development – Mrs M Francis

Health and Saftey – Mr S Kelly and Mrs C Turner

E-Safety – Mrs C Turner and Mr S Kelly

Safeguarding – Mrs C Turner and Mr S Kelly

Partnership with Parents – Mrs C Turner, Mr P Wilson and Mrs S Beaumont

Budget Monitoring  – Mr P Wilson, Father Heans, Mrs C Turner

Pupil Premium – Mrs C Turner and Mrs M Francis

PE Premium – Mrs C Turner and Mr P Wilson

Policies and Website –  Mrs S Beaumont

Headteacher’s Performance Management – Mrs C Turner and Mrs M Francis

Attendance 2017 to 2018

Attendance 2016 to 2017

Code of Conduct

Compliance Report


Welcome to the excellent Governing Body of St. Ethelbert’s Catholic Primary School in Ramsgate. The Governing Body works tirelessly on behalf of the pupils and families of the school to give the best education and development of a well-rounded child. There is a variety of expertise ranging from special educational needs, English as an additional language to finance and community engagement. Some members have been with the school for nearly three decades and some members have been appointed or voted in for the last two years. I hope that this page informs you about each of our Governors and their interests and roles.

Currently, no governor has a business interest to declare. This status is updated at the start of each meeting.

The Full Governing Body meets six times a year:

4:30 pm Wednesday 8th May Full Governing Body

5:00 pm Wednesday 10th July Full Governing Body


The Finance Pair meets 4 times a year (dates vary with KCC finance timetables and school holidays):

April / May to set the new budget

October for the 6-month check

January for the 9-month check

March for the budget closedown.

There are no business interests from the governors.

Mrs Claire Turner is also a Governor of The Ursuline College, Westgate-on-sea, Kent. Mrs Turner’s daughter is an apprentice in the school nursery.

Mr Peter Wilson is also a Governor of Sir Roger Manwood’s Grammar School, Sandwich, Kent.

The Clerk to the Governors is trained by and supplied by Kent County Council. Kim Metcalfe monitors all attendance at these meetings.



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