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Nursery Closed Friday 13th March - rest of school open as normal.

Congratulations to our Year 5 Scientists who came second in the St Lawrence College Primary Science Competition


Congratulations to our year 6 Japanese karuta players whop won the Fairtrade competition yesterday.

well done.

Karuta at St Ethelberts

All enquiries: School Office: Mrs castro / Mrs Saunders

01843 585555

Visit main entrance at Dane Park Road CT11 7LS

Headteacher: Mr John Letts

Address:- St. Ethelbert's Catholic Primary School

Dane Park Road


Kent CT11 7LS

Telephone: 01843 585555

Breakfast Club 8am to 8:45am

Playgrounds supervised from 8:45am

School Starts at 8:55am

Morning Break 10:45 to 11am

Lunch 12 to 12:55pm

Afternoon Break 2 to 2:15pm

Home Time 3:15pm

After School Clubs 3:15 to 4:15pm

Playgrounds supervised to 3:25pm


a new special needs code of practice CAME into place ON 1ST september 2014. all special needs information on this website reflects the changes in the new code of practice.

Please speak to Mrs Rebecca Borrough (special educational needs leader) if you have any concerns.

The new Special Educational needs Policy has now been finalised after consultation with staff, governors and parents (through this website, newsletter and parents' council).

The new policy can be read here Special Educational Needs Policy

SEN information Report March 2015

Useful SEN Links:

School Mission Statement


In the light of this Christian vision of faith and the message of the Gospels taught by the Catholic Church, St. Ethelbert’s School aims are:

The school is a Faith Community based on Gospel values where all people are seen in God’s image and loved by God.

The school encourages all pupils and staff to be helped to develop as whole people in body, mind and spirit, nurturing talents to reach their full potential.

That everyone is valued and respected as a unique, special and gifted individual.

That we try to treat each other as we would like others to treat us.

That we aim to be a happy school, an inclusive school, with everyone working as a team – Staff, Children and Parents.

That we endeavour to be an influence for good in the wider community.

See Extended School Weblinks - under NEWS

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Promoting  British Values

The government has recently stated the need “to create and enforce clear and rigorous expectation on all schools to promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs,

The Government set out its definition of British values in the 2011 Prevent Strategy, and these values have been reiterated in 2014. At St Ethelbert’s these values are reinforced regularly and in the following way.

Rule of Law.

The importance of Laws, whether they be those that govern the class, the school or the country are consistently reinforced throughout the school day. At St Ethelbert’s we have Christian values to support the rule of law. Following the beatitudes school rules, class rules and the traffic light system support our children to follow the rule of law out of school hours. Supported by visits by Police, Border Force, Lifeguards, Fire Brigade, to name but a few, give our children the best start in life in why it is best to follow the rules.


The children at St Ethelbert’s have a voice that the school responds to in the following way. Each year classes vote for their council members. The School and Eco council meet as a body every term and discuss the needs and aspirations as a school. Children from Year 1 to Year 6 attend the meetings with ideas and suggestions. Fund raising, working with local community and school improvements are high on the list of priorities.  Minutes of every meeting are displayed in the corridor for every child, member of staff, parents and governors to read. The school now has a Sports PE Council, which is developing.

Individual Liberty.

At St Ethelbert’s pupils are actively encouraged to make choices, knowing that they are in a safe and supportive environment. As a school we educate and provide spiritual and moral values to enable our children to make choices safely, through provision of a safe environment and empowering the children with a good quality of education. Pupils are supported to know, understand and exercise their rights and personal freedoms and aided in ways to exercise these safely, for example through our Religious Education programme The Way the Truth and the Life, E-Safety and PSHE lessons. Opportunities abound within the School to participate in our numerous extracurricular clubs and activities. Always keeping in mind that the children can make the choice to participate or not.

Mutual Respect

As a caring Christian school, mutual respect is at the heart of our values, Children learn that their behaviours have an effect on their own rights and those of others. All members of the school community treat each other with respect.

Tolerance of those of Different Faiths and Beliefs

St Ethelbert’s is in an area of social and economic deprivation. We have many pupils from overseas and Europe. We place a great emphasis on promoting diversity with the children. We celebrate all that is different and recognise that we are all God’s children under the sky. Through Assemblies we celebrate the many different countries our children come from, with visitors of different faiths and tradition invited to teach us about their values and faith practices. Each year we have visitors from Japan who share many of their cultures and beliefs with us. The school is directed to teach about - Judaism every year, and Hinduism, Sikhism and Islam on a rotating basis every year - by the Archbishop, as part of the Catholic RE scheme. The school prefers to ask visitors to help with this teaching whereever possible. At St Ethelbert’s we will actively challenge pupils, staff or parents expressing opinions contrary to fundamental human values. There is no tolerance for extremist views.

The online educational game "HANDS ONLY CPR". The Play this CPR game and publishing info are available at:


School Prospectus 2013 - 2014


Admissions Policy 2014-15

Link to Kent County Council Admissions

Most recent Ofsted Report

Parents Ofsted letter 28-1-2013

Ofsted Letter front page

Ofsted Letter back page

Ofsted Report 25-1-2010

Section 48 St Ethelberts Report

Key Stage 2 Results for 2014

37% special educational needs:

77% made Level 4+ in both Reading ,Writing and Maths

96% made expected progress or above in Maths - National Average is 89%

93% made expected progress or above in Reading - National Average is 91%

93% made expected progress or above in Writing - National Average is 93%

52% made three levels progress in Maths

37% made three levels progress in Reading

33% made three levels progress in Writing

27% made Level 5+ in Reading, Writing and Maths.

53% made Level 5 in Reading

87% made Level 4 or more in Reading

27% made Level 5 in Writing

83% made Level 4 or more in Writing

3% made Level 6 in Spelling & Grammar

56% made Level 5 in Spelling & Grammar

73% made Level 4 or more in Spelling & Grammar

17% made Level 6 in Maths

47% made Level 5 in Maths

83% made Level 4 or more in Maths

The school follows the National Curriculum and uses a wide variety of reading and phonics schemes

Link to DfE School Performance Website

Policies - see our policy link - top left


This is raised by the number of children who are eligable for free school meals - even if they do not wish to take this up and stay with a packed lunch.

Pupil premium for April 2013 to March 2014 is at £36,214 and will be used to provide extra support for Free School Meal pupils through class teacher support, individual / small group short programmes with teaching assistants. The school measures attainment in reading, maths and writing at the end of every term (6 times a year!) and so interventions vary accordingly.

Pupil premium makes a specific impact on more of our school's pupils achieving Level 4s at the end of year 6, who would normally get a Level 3 at best. This enhances their life chances at Secondary school and further education.

To date the money has made an impact in all classes from Reception to Year 6 where pupils are below the national average.

The money has been spent on:

All pupils have made progress and this impacts their well-being and attainment in the school.

Poor readers move up at least one colour reading band in just 5 weeks.

Poor mathematicans obtain more learning objectives.

Poor spellers tend to make rapid progress with our Nessie programme and we note the older the child is the more progress they make. This multi-strategy programme supports pupils weak in phonics and pupils who have 'dyslexic' type problems.

Impact is assessed by the six end of term assessments and written reports to the headteacher.

If you are eligable for Free School Meals please see Mrs Gregory, Mrs Butchard-Thursten, Mr Letts or the School Office with complete confidentiality - as this raises the funds to maximise your child's and our pupils' success.

St. ethelbert's catholic primary school is thinking of applying to become part of the southwark diocese multi academy trust

See Parents' Letter Academy Parents Letter 22-1- 2013


The school is following the new National Curriculum and teaches all the Early Years Foundation Curriculum and from Years 1 to 6 teaches Art & Design, Computing, Design & Technology, Geography, History, Music, Physical Education, Science, Religious Education - including elemnets of PSHE and Citizenship, French in Years 3 to 6, as well as English and Maths. Sex and Relationships Education is explicitly taught in Years 5 and 6.

The school seeks to enrich the curriulum by working closely with other schools, outside agencies, visitors and the local, national and international community.

The school uses a wide variety of reading and phonic schemmes as different approaches suit different children.

P.E. Funding 2013 - 2014

The budget of £8885 for the Year 2013-2014 was spent on the following:-

Thanet Superpassport (£2000) to access iner school sports and teacher training - this means better quality teaching of PE and more opportunities and support in PE, not just for juniors, but also infants.

Achieve Sports Kite Mark 2014 - this will lead to a more complete and exciting curriulum.

Training for the new PE National Curriculum (£300) to be in place in September 2014 - this will help the senior management and governors to introduce an exciting curriulum to take the school into the next 10 years!

Sport coach funding (£1041)to attend more and different inter school sports competitions and events - this is already helping more children to attend more out of hours sports and to be competitive in new and different sports.

Achieve Young Leader Award (£400) - this takes place in Term 6 and supports Year 6 in preparing for secondary education. The governors also plan to roll it down to Year 5 to enable these pupils to support the school at playtimes and breaktimes by leading activities and being responsible for equipment (£2139).

Fund 'The Outdoor Classroom' play resources - thhe new playtime resources are already impacting on new fun games and busier and healthier children.

New sports kits - this has helped the self-esteem of all pupils who represent the school in teams - both 'Home' and 'Away' (£694).

An after-school 'Change 4 Life Club' - to be in place for Term 6 2014 (£120).

Sports personality award medals - this has been happening for over 5 years and this upkeeps the medals that pupils receive (£43).

Swimming lessons for the whole class rather than just those pupils that cannot swim 25 metres. This was requested by our school council and the second tranch of the PE Funding will be used to support all of a class going to Ramsgate Leisure Centre and paying for a swimming coach (£584 for initial set up - now paid for by normal school's budget).

Improve Sports Day experience for pupils and their families - archery has been booked for one of the 'round robin' events for the juniors - (£505).

Agreed by the school governors in November 2013. This will impact on the school pupils' behaviour, enjoyment, leadership skills and personal fitness and well-being in all classes.

Set up a Sports Pupil Council - CREW - (£250) .

The school so far has a budget of £5186 which arrived at the end of November 2014 and the school governors are still deciding how best to spend this sum after a full evaluation of the last funding.

A new Sports scheme is being purchased for Foundation Stage through to Year 6 which will promote challenge and increasing skills excellence. This is called Create Real PE


The Funding for last year made a real difference to the school pupils - better trained staff, more and different activities for playtimes and lunchtimes, whole classes going swimming together, better kits enhancing pride and self-esteem in the team, more resources for more active play, challenge to gifted and talented pupoils to do better, better sharing of pupil skills and interests, pupils spending well above two hours a week being active and living a healthy lifestyle, clubs to support children who not keen on sports, social skills developing for more vulnerable pupils.

Year 6 Parents - Thursday 20th Nov. - if you missed our two parents information sessions - the powerpoint is below:

Year 6 SATS Information 2014


Skip2bfit Wednesday 12th November - is a fun day for the children and the staff. We are always keen to get everybody skipping so if you have a few active parents who would like to come along and help out on the day and experience skip2bfit they are quite welcome to come along. Please link the schools website to the website at so that the parents can find out more about skip2bfit as we like to encourage the parents to take up skipping as a great way to keep fit.

St. ethelbert's attends Kent Catholic Schools Partnership Mass in Aylesford on Thursday 10th july

kcsp ac

The school council make a cream tea for the local parishioners Wednesday 9th july


Corpus Christi Procession

corpus christi

Year 5 visit St. Augustine's Abbey to learn about Augustus Pugin

St Aug 1st aug 2st aug 3


All the four junior classes had a tour of London and a visit to The Natioanal Portrait Gallery.

Each class had their own guided workshop from an expert as well as time to look around. The children saw The Tower of London, The Shard, The Houses of Parliament, The Walkie-Talkie, The Gerkhin, The Monument, Pudding Lane, Cleopatra's Needle, The London Eye and drove over Tower Bridge.... and lots more.

npg1 npg2



Congratulations to all the staff and governors at St. ethelbert's catholic primary school for attaining kent safe schools anti-bullying accreditation.

This is valid for three years until september 2016.

Congratulations to all the staff and governors at St. ethelbert's catholic primary school for attaining their third quality mark status.

This is valid for the next three years - until June 2016.

21 June 2013

Dear Parents of St. Ethelbert’s Catholic Primary School,

I am delighted that your child’s school has recently been awarded a Basic Skills Primary Quality Mark Award for the third time.

This national accreditation is awarded to schools which meet the Quality Mark Standard and will last for three years, after which a renewal assessment is required.

The Basic Skills Quality Mark promotes, supports and celebrates progress and improvements made by a school in English and Mathematics. Without these ‘basic skills’ of good communication, literacy and mathematical skills, individuals are disadvantaged throughout their lives – as learners, in the workplace and as parents, consumers and citizens and so they form the ‘bedrock’ of a good education.

To achieve a Quality Mark schools have to undergo an assessment, carried out by an external accredited assessor, against the 10 ‘Elements’ of the Quality Mark framework. These cover key aspects of the school’s improvement agenda, including the identification and analysis of the school’s needs; strategic planning; target setting for improvement; intervention and support for pupils under-achieving or under-attaining; provision of quality in both teaching and in resources; staff development; and active engagement with families. Effective monitoring and evaluation are also  required - particularly to achieve renewal when continuing development by the school and evidence of impact of actions must be demonstrated.

I hope you will share in the pride of the school and its pupils in achieving this award. Our logo with three ticks can now appear on the school’s letterhead.

Yours faithfully,

Q Mark 3

National Director, Quality Mark Programme


Reduce pupils’ perception of bullying from 18% to 8%.

Increase attendance in the free after school clubs by 10%.

Increase parents attendance at school council by 25%.

SUCCESS OF Special Educational Needs POLICY

This is difficult to feedback on as classes can vary between 6% SEN and nearly 60%!

This school is in the highest 20% of all schools in England for the number of SEN pupils.

Year 1 phonics achieved 77% when the national average is 69%.

Year 2 was above the national average for SEN for reading and mathematics, but below for writing. This class has a significant number of SEN pupils.

Year 6 results were excellent, but the class had very few SEN pupils.

Data will be different for our present Year 6 class which has a significant number of SEN pupils and three statements.


The 'ethos'of the school is to support all forms of disability. We have had children with 'movement' disabilities and have checked on the well-being with both children, parents and specialist support. The governors are dedicated to being as inclusive as it is possible to be without creating a risk to health and safety. We have 'Good to Be Different' talks to pupils and have had a wheelchair bound volunteer reader for many years.

The school was built over 86 years ago and is not particularly wheelchair friendly due to stairs and different levelled areas.

Listen to Singing Club's Olympic Anthem

Olympic Anthem St. Ethelbert's Singing Club

St. Ethelbert's Catholic Primary School - win the Heart Radio Competition

St. Ethelbert's SingUp Choir


Listen to the carol here SingUp Choir Christmas Carol